Testing, Testing ...

October 30, 2018

Testing, Testing ...

Those who follow us on Instagram (dyeiscastyarns) may remember me posting an announcement on Stories about closing down our Etsy shop and no longer selling on that marketplace. If you've recently been on Etsy searching for 'hand dyed yarn' you may have come across one of our listings. What? No, you weren't seeing things... I did decide to reopen my Etsy shop and, in the interest of full transparency, I'll explain why.

When you run a small business, especially one that's primarily online, it's difficult to get traffic. Etsy is a well-known marketplace, and despite their climbing fees and other shortcomings, shoppers are more likely to stumble on your item. On the flip side, you're completely responsible for driving traffic to your own site. While my site's SEO is pretty good, more eyes on the shop certainly don't hurt. 

As a small business owner, you need to try various different things and see what works and what doesn't for YOU. It is true that many fellow indie dyers have closed their Etsy shops deciding to just sell from their websites. I thought that was the thing to do and would be best for me, mostly to save on fees, but then figured why should I limit myself? I can have more than one shop! So, I'm keeping my Etsy shop open and will list only ready to ship yarns there. The way I look at it, our website at dyeiscastyarns.com is our main store and Etsy at DyeIsCastYarns is our pop-up second shop.

I also have to admit that I missed hearing that Etsy cha-ching on my phone every time I got a sale.


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