Dye is Cast Yarns was launched in 2016 by Melissa Martinez. Melissa, who originally hails from Queens NY, has been proudly calling Philadelphia her home since 2010. She is a life-long lover of color, yarn and the fiber arts. She learned how to crochet and knit from her Argentine grandmother when she was about 8 years old and her hands haven’t been idle since.

How the Whole Dyeing Thing Started...

A few years ago Melissa traveled to Montreal for a much needed vacation with some friends. While sitting in a hotel room relaxing, er... brainstorming, this crazy idea of dyeing yarn came to her. 

She didn’t know how it would all come together but just knew she HAD to do it & that everything would fall into place. After much research, experimentation and a website later... Dye is Cast Yarns was officially born.

Melissa's Fiber Arts Journey…

Throughout the years Melissa has also been a maker, a designer of knitting and crochet patterns and most recently the owner and indie yarn dyer for Dye is Cast Yarns.


Dye is Cast Yarns are hand dyed in very small batches using professional quality acid dyes in a smoke-free environment in Philadelphia, PA. Yarns are dyed using a variety of different techniques (often more than one per skein!) and the end result is a unique work of art with infinite crafting possibilities.

While we gravitate towards more moody, muted, colorful neutrals and rather offbeat color combos, we also love incorporating typical brights into the mix. You'll find that our yarns will give an extra special richness and depth to your projects as a result.

What’s our inspiration? It's mostly Gothic horror, fantasy, nature, space, the paranormal and geeky puns. We hope our uniquely colorful yarns inspire your next creation!

On A More Personal Note...

While all of the above is true, it reads like a canned author bio. Yeesh. The truth is I suck at marketing myself and products and am often at a loss for what to post on social media, particularly Instagram. I don't like bombarding people with my yarn pics or the latest project I'm working on. 

Basically in real life I'm just an easy going nerdy gal who loves music (Aggretsuko is my spirit animal), my husband and cats, laughing with friends, geeking out on tech like website design and audio recording, dyeing yarn... but crafters, YOU guys are the real rockstars! I LOVE seeing all of your projects and am humbled by the fact that I get to so something I enjoy plus provide a tool that fosters creativity.

YOU rock!!


Melissa Martinez, Owner & Indie Dyer of Dye is Cast Yarns

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