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Yarn Swatches

Ever wonder what our variegated, self-striping ombre or speckled yarns look like once knit?

These yarn swatches will give you an idea of what to expect in your finished project. Please note that the color patterns on these swatches are just general suggestions and vary slightly for each colorway. The color pattern which emerges in your project will also depend on which stitch pattern(s) you use as well as the overall size of your finished project.



Here's what our semi-solid and tonal yarns look like once knit. Your project will have a nearly solid appearance with slight shade and color variations throughout.

semi-solid yarnsemi-solid yarn sample



 Here's what our speckled yarns look like once knit. Your project will have random speckles and spots of color.

speckled yarnSpeckled yarn sample by Dye is Cast Yarns



Here's what our self-striping & ombre yarns look like once knit. These yarns have long color repeats and when knit, will create a striping or pooling effect.
ombre yarn sample



Here's what our variegated yarns look like once knit. Colors are applied randomly while dyeing and you’ll end up with a very colorful knitted fabric with occasional pooling depending on your project. If you wish to minimize pooling make sure to alternate yarns between rows for a more even appearance. 

Rainbow Fade variegated colorway by Dye is Cast Yarnsvariegated yarn sample

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